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Singing away to meet the holiday After the spectrum Marty natalegawa

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- sanfeng group 2015 annual conference is held ceremoniously

In the battle, king monkey extension. Sanfeng group 2015 annual conference opening, on January 18, 2016, at 4:00 PM sanfeng group senior leaders and all staff together, singing and dancing, sharing the joy together, New Year, taste sanfeng group family warmth and enthusiasm, at the same time the company also invited some partners came to the annual meeting of the site, even together, share the conference to bring the joy.

Conference scene, mr.wong the speech in the first place, mr.wong addressed on the basis of summarizing the work in 2015, to the deployment of 2016 years of work and arrangement, is encouraging. Then in entire staff chorus of performing "I believe" pulled open heavy curtain.

This annual meeting is a feast for the sanfeng people, show the elegance of sanfeng people, with a big round of applause, passionate singing, the hot dance, funny, crosstalk, fit of the game, all kinds of programs take turns to play, colorful, the scene atmosphere warm, of laughter. Especially the crosstalk "brag" makes the conference reached a climax. Conference program with some interesting games and exciting field rolling lottery, the beautiful scenery but also the whole conference.

Conference in a rendition of "swan goose in the melodious melody came to a close, then interaction, employees began to sing, once again reached a climax, a big round of applause and cheers of pleasure lit up the whole of the gleaming annual meeting, in the night of joy, we welcome the New Year coming together, we will be full of confidence and hope, with a good vision of the New Year, new journey, looking forward to the future, we are full of hope, under the wise leadership of mr.wong, sanfeng people unite as one to surmount, will create a more brilliant future.