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Operating instructions

Entrusted operation and management of the specific performance

1、(Third-party operation) management, will be able to separate the ownership and management rights. The relationship between environmental facility owners and professional operating companies are contract relations. there is no upper and lower administrative relationship, but equal contract relations. It ensures the normal operation of sewage treatment plants and discharge with standards. 

2、To reduce the burden on the government and enterprises and solve the problem, so that the government departments and the professional environmental supervision departments can spare more energy and manpower focusing on the overall . 

3、 in the commissioned operation (third-party operation) management model, the professional company are responsible for the pollution. all are in accordance with the contract. "referee" condemn according to the law. "athletes" are punished according to the law without complaints which promote the image of environmental protection department 

4、The operating unit is a specialized company which can operate and manage several municipal sewage treatment plants or enterprises' industrial wastewater treatment facilities at the same time. It has achieved work standardization and service specialization with special technical advantages, talents and management advantages.  High-efficiency work and technical support can improve not only the reliability on operation of sewage treatment facilities and attainment rate, but also reduce the pressure brought by emission reductions and compliance rate risks of non-specialized operation. Finally, It reduces the cost of sewage treatment and can realize the benefits on water pollution control facilities, environment, social and economic. 


With many years of experience in sewage treatment plant operators, to provide start-up process debugging, fault diagnosis, personnel training, and other all-round technical services.

Business model

As a professional water treatment solutions provider, the company relies on the technical advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and actively develop EPC, PPP, BOT and other business models so that it could design plans and long-term personal services such as consulting, technology developing, engineering designing , Project implementation and operational management for urban, industrial parks, enterprise groups .

Water treatment and resource utilization

Sanfeng Group has always been concerned about the protection and utilization of water resources. As a leading expert in water treatment, the water treatment section has always been the core business of Sanfeng  Group. Based on the advanced water treatment of core technology and equipment, the company has integrated advantaged business to provide specific plans for sewage treatment in Small and medium-sized city , in industrial parks ,in high concentration of key industries, and some other areas have difficulty in sewage treatment

Industry focus

Solutions on water pollution control and resource utilization in Industrial parks

Solutions on water treatment and water reuse in the Pulp and paper industry

Solutions on wastewater treatment and resource utilization in Sugar industry

Solutions on wastewater treatment and reuse in Pharmaceutical industry

Solutions on wastewater treatment and reuse in Food and fermentation industry

Solutions on wastewater treatment and reuse in Printing and dyeing industry

Solutions on wastewater treatment and reuse in Petrochemical industry

Solutions on wastewater treatment and reuse in Coal gas industry  

Solutions on wastewater treatment and reuse in Mining and metallurgical industry

Solutions on high concentration,wastewater treatment and reuse in other industries

Operational enterprises is a enterprise under management.The majority of the water industries in the urban are original main enterprises under the industrial structure.Most of them are transferred from the original water companies, and sewage treatment enterprises. They have typically local character and restricted by the form of capital. It is not the main part in water industry investment but is the main part in water industry operation. 

Grasping the operating costs, establishing operating brands, joining the excellent portfolio, acquiring authorized operation rights