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Project planning

January to February 2016 water treatment industry project summary

In the first two months of 2016, environmental protection enterprises have won many environmental projects, and today they share some environmental protection projects signed by environmental protection enterprises.
Clear water signed 2.85 billion Kunlun environmental PPP project.
January 26, clear water and the Urumqi Kunlun Environmental Group Co., Ltd. on the Kunlun environmental PPP project formally signed a total investment of 2.85 billion yuan, is clear water in 2015, the largest successful PPP project. At the same time, the two sides of the PPP joint venture in Xinjiang Kunlun new water source Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the future will become the clear water source in the Northwest region's largest manufacturing base and R & D center.
According to reports, Kunlun environmental PPP project involves a total of six sewage treatment projects and supporting the construction of reclaimed water pipeline 11 single project, the total size of the sewage treatment of 375,000 cubic meters / day. As expected, the project will handle 130 million cubic meters of sewage a year, equivalent to the total capacity of two Wulabo reservoir, Urumqi City opened up for the green, the second water source of industrial water to achieve water resources, to protect the Xinjiang capital ecological civilization Construction is of great significance.
astern Garden won the Anhui Water System Comprehensive Management of PPP projects
February 18, Beijing Oriental Garden Ecological Co., Ltd. announced that it has recently won the bid in Fuyang City, Anhui Province south of the new water system construction of comprehensive management of PPP projects, the price of 480 million.
Announcement shows that the successful projects, including landscape and water conservancy projects, duration of 1 year. Landscape engineering includes the four rivers and one bay landscape engineering. Water conservancy project includes 4 river 1 bay 2 gate 3 weir, 5 temporary reservoir weir and temporary construction measures, and a set of wisdom water.
The first 200 million yuan investment in Henan shares into the rural sewage treatment market
The first shares on February 4 announcement, Beijing Capital Co., Ltd. in February 4, 2016 held its sixth annual meeting of the Board of Directors in 2016 Fourth Extraordinary Meeting, considered and adopted the "investment company in Nanyang City, Henan Province, South Water Transfer Project township sewage The motion to deal with the project. " The company will invest TOT in Nanyang City, Henan Province, South Water Transfer Project township sewage treatment projects, including 26 township sewage treatment plant, the scale of 4.1 million tons / day, the transfer of the franchise on the price of 20,397.16 million yuan; Nanyang First Water Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanyang City, is responsible for the investment, construction and operation of the project. The registered capital of Nanyang First Water Co., Ltd. is RMB 81.58 million. The Company holds 100% equity.
Sander International: The end of 2015 across 5 provinces winning five projects
December 31, 2015, Sander International Co., Ltd. announced that the end of 2015 were awarded five sewage treatment projects, respectively, in five different provinces, across North and South, involving an amount of nearly 800 million yuan. Projects include: Xishui County, Guizhou township sewage full coverage of the two projects PPP franchise project, the total size of sewage treatment for the daily 34,300 tons, the franchise period of 30 years, with a total investment of about 300 million yuan; Sewage treatment plants and supporting pipe network project a franchise project, the total size of sewage treatment 14,000 tons per day, the franchise period of 25 years, a total investment of about 97 million yuan; Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the ninth sewage treatment plant three Engineering BOT project, sewage treatment design and construction scale of 100,000 tons per day, the investment amount of about 344 million yuan; Linfen City, Shanxi Province north of the city (fourth) sewage treatment plant PPP project, sewage treatment design and construction scale of 60,000 tons per day, The total investment is about 135 million yuan; Jiangxi Yushan Economic Development Zone Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant management project, the total size of sewage treatment is 10,000 tons per day, the project managed operation period of 1 year.
Baan water pre-bid Taian water ecology and other PPP projects
Baan Water announced on Feb. 3 that the company has become the candidate supplier of social capital for the competitive negotiation of social capital procurement project of PPP project of Wenhe wetland ecological protection and comprehensive utilization in Taian, Shandong Province. Announcement, the company pre-bid amount of 1.28 billion yuan, the project co-operation period of 12 years (of which the construction period of about two years), the company pre-bid PPP project planning and construction of the scope of the new highway from the north, River Bridge, south to Yanxieba within the lake within the part; along the Hu Hu Road, an important landscape node and artificial subsurface wetlands. The main construction contents include river dredging, riverbank protection, water ecological restoration, wetland landscape improvement and wetland park auxiliary facilities construction.
LP signed the Shenzhen Maozhou River Water Environment Improvement Project
February 5, China Power Construction Co., Ltd. announced the winning bid notice of a major project, the announcement that the CLP to build a wholly owned subsidiary and a wholly owned subsidiary of China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. East China Investigation and Design Institute Consortium won the bid of Shenzhen Maozhou River Water Environment Renovation project, the successful bid amount of 12.3 billion yuan. The water environment improvement project of Maozhou River includes 46 subprojects of 6 major projects. The project construction includes pipe network, drainage, river treatment and water quality improvement. The total investment will reach 15.2 billion. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the comprehensive improvement project of boundary river section will be completed, and the main stream of Maozhou River will reach the standard of 100-year flood control, eliminating black-odor and basically reaching the standard of surface water.
Open to environmental protection by Disneyland drinking water projects
February 3, open to environmental protection in the investor relations platform, said Disneyland as the world's most well-known and popular theme park, the park for tourists to provide direct drinking water quality is extremely high, the global water treatment company Want to get this project, to open with the water treatment technology and strength, with many international competitors on the world stage, access to the depth of cooperation with Disneyland project opportunities. Disney cooperation with the process of a total of 25 thematic spots of drinking water all by the open to provide real-time water quality monitoring, keep abreast of the operation of water purification equipment and water quality conditions, and achieve life-long maintenance and repair. The opportunity to open in the airport, universities, railway stations, subway and other public water demand business development has created extremely favorable conditions.
Energy - saving Lazi Paojiang Layout Green Industry
Beginning of the new year, Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone and large environmental protection central enterprises in China Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Group signed a settlement agreement. In energy-saving Paojiang Development Zone will invest 2.5 billion to build an area of about 400 acres of two parks in the park: the environmental protection industry park and the Science and Technology Innovation Park. The former is a high-end environment-friendly industrial park integrating production, manufacturing, display and scientific research and development. The latter will cooperate with Huawei to create a smart park for scientific research, incubation, scientific and technological achievements and public innovation.
At present, the energy is the only one of the main energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection, central enterprises, in solid waste, flue gas, soil and water treatment has a leading technology, while energy is also a domestic first-class low-carbon park developers, In the country successfully developed a 26 green park. In the energy-saving and the Zhejiang provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the layout of the Paojiang Park in the garden park project is signed after the cooperation framework, the first landing of large-scale investment projects in Zhejiang.