SANFENG Environmental
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Sanfeng Environmental Group Co., Ltd , has gone through 10 Spring and Autumn. In recent 10 years, under the care and support of the government of all levels, as well as the efforts and support of all staff and people from all walks of life, Our Company has constantly been grown and expanded in the market economy tide. we have developed into the largest water purifier manufacturing base in Asia , been the leading supplier of Water Treatment Products around the international first-class water treatment experts .our world leading research team are able to provide the Leading technology security to the water treatment enterprises. At the same time we have made outstanding contributions to the local economic construction.

We are full of confidence to face with opportunity as well as challenge, We will continue adhering to the SanFeng spirit of" Strive constantly for self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence” and Our Morals of “integrity-based, Social commitment”. And persevering in scientific development, Knowledge innovation, Development of a circular economy, Preservation of the ecological environment .we will build a harmonious society, constantly improve the economic benefits and social benefit of the enterprise, and make efforts to create a more beautiful future of SanFeng.