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Welcome water treatment chemicals agents from different regions to join in us 


Shandong  sanfeng  Group Co., Ltd. committed works on the development of water treatment chemicals industry for many years. We are always upholding the principle of win-win cooperation and looking forward to establishing perfect distribution channels throughout China. The joining of excellent agents and distributors is a solid foundation of our development. We believe that no matter what your company expertise and size are, we always have the opportunity to cooperate together. Your support and trust to us are very important. Through our cooperation, you can not only expand your market shares, and have access to huge profits, but also improve your  business reputation and establish a broad space for development. Our company will leave a huge profit margins for agents and distributors to help you open the local market, for which we will help you from these aspects: wide range of product lines, excellent product performance, perfect channels of communication, strong market support, and so on. We will pay more attention to guide the concept of consumers, as well as to technical services before and after sale and focus on technical training, counseling, support to our agents and distributors ,,  Sanfeng Group looks forward to your joining.

Contact:Song Jun