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Build standard barriers, improve enterprise competitiveness

On November 11, 2015 - November 14 national standard committee of water treatment agent branch of national standard and industry standard review and annual meeting was held in fuzhou in 2015. The meeting main work content is "water treatment agent Polymeric ferric sulfate, water treatment agent Ferrous sulfate, water treatment agent Poly (dimethyl diallyl base ammonium chloride etc nine national standards at the end of the audit. Sanfeng group as the national standards of water treatment agent Polymeric ferric sulfate, one of the drafting units attended the event.

The assembly and the national well-known water treatment agent in here, dean professor bao-yu gao environment engineering of shandong university, nanjing university of technology professor yuejun, chongqing university of technology professor huai-li zheng and national dozens of polymeric ferric sulfate production enterprises technical personnel from polymeric ferric sulfate production technology of the product, product status, application field and so on various aspects has carried on the communication. Everyone agrees that in the country have issued "water 10" and "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", under the background of environmental protection industry will usher in a new development opportunity, and today's water treatment technology is inseparable from the application of water treatment agent, water treatment agent so market prospect is very broad.

First-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprise branding, third-class enterprise products. Sanfeng group involved in the revision of the national standard is to stand in the forefront of the development, to expand the company's influence, powerful promoted the competitiveness of the company. Marks the group company is among the first-class enterprise and took a more solid step.