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True love never in life such as song

Sanfeng group leukemia children donations for the worker

Life is too precious, life is only for once. Life for each one of us, is a great miracle. Maybe we are accustomed to enjoy the youth, always thought that all kinds of tragedy is far away from us, are all around us, the poly iron workshop worker Ding Xiu children butyl product far is suffering from leukemia the pain and suffering. He recently turned two and a half years old on February 7, 2016, (the lunar New Year's eve) was diagnosed with acute leukemia, the incident "lu China media on February 16, also made a related report, through after chemotherapy is still not optimistic. In the face of increasingly frail child as well as the high cost of treatment, small product's parents had all day long, is because of the economic difficulties, facing the high cost of treatment in the future, the economy is very poor family will be very difficult.

It shocked news, the company all staff, for such a young life this serious illness was deeply worried and sad. Chairman of the board of directors of the company mr.wong attaches great importance to this, "one party hard, p plus support", Ding Xiu lattice is a member of our sanfeng group, he is now difficult, I companies have a responsibility to lend a helping hand to him, help him and fight, do our best. Then arrange collecting related department to organize all the workers, and in the conference room on the second floor held a company offer the compassion donation ceremony. From February 18-22, group company in raising money 10090 yuan, then to raise money in the company for implementing public, company general manager wen-ze wang will be raised by Ding Xiu lattice hand personally.

Sanfeng group of employees have given her a love for the child, let the warm spring is full of love.

True love forever, life such as song, hope the Ding Xiu children can recover soon. Our mutual praying for children.