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I couldn't have known wastewater treatment necessary knowledge!

What is the debugging process of wastewater treatment?

Wastewater treatment debugging also calls the commissioning, including single machine start-up and the linkage of two link, is a work must be carried out before the formal operation, through the commissioning repair can be timely and correct engineering defects and errors, ensure that market to meet the design function, in the process of debugging wastewater treatment process, is dependent on the mechanical and electrical equipment, control instrumentation, test points Xin related to cooperate, so the debugging is actually equipment, automatic control, process to realize the process of linkage, concrete can be summarized as follows:

(1) single individual running after start-up includes various types of equipment installation and test the waters for each processing unit structures. Have water in the water and two cases of sewage treatment equipment commissioning, at the same time, check the water level of the hydraulic structures such as whether to meet the design requirements.

(2) on the process of the whole system to carry on the design of water linkage, through the process. Inspection equipment in the running condition of water flow, each process unit part of automatic control instrument and test of pipe, valves, such as whether to meet the design requirements.

(3) for each processing unit of the various processing into waste water processing, inspection of each processing unit processing effect or the preparing work before formal operation (such as cultivating domesticated activated sludge, etc.).

(4) the whole process of waste water linkage commissioning, until the water quality standard. At this stage further inspection equipment operation stability, at the same time, realize the linkage of the automatic control system.

Main role of wastewater treatment trial run?

(1) to further test the quality of civil engineering, equipment and installation project, set up relevant facilities of archives, the related design rationality of machinery, equipment, instrument and operation points for attention are proposed.

(2) through the loading operation of sewage treatment equipment, testing its ability achieves the nameplate values or design value. Such as the flow of water pump and fan, pressure, temperature, noise and vibration, etc., utilization rate of oxygen transfer ability and oxygen aeration equipment, scraping, dredge machinery operation stability, the effect of the protective device, etc.

(3) test station, homogeneous pools, grit chamber, the aeration tank and tank unit structure treatment effect meets the design value, the secondary treatment by biological method to choose the appropriate method according to the water quality situation when cultivating domesticated activated sludge.

(4) on the basis of individual treatment facilities on-load commissioning, straight into the water through the whole process, in reference to the same type of sewage treatment under the condition of operating experience, after adjustment in the process of operation data, the sewage discharging standard as early as possible, and grope for the whole system and processing of various structures in turn to normal operation after the best process parameters.

What are the main content of the sedimentation tank commissioning?

(1) check the mud scraper or sucking mud scraper anti-corrosion metal parts are in good condition such as qualified, and its operation condition under the condition of no water.

(2) the tank after observing whether the water leakage, completes the settlement observation, see if there are any uneven settlement observation tank (tank of uneven settlement of mud scraper or sucked greatly influenced the mud scraper run), by observing the triangle weir is water can also be found that the settlement of settling basin.

(3) check mud scraper or sucking mud scraper loading operation condition. Mainly to observe the workings of the vibration and noise, and the drive motor is normal, the linear velocity and angular velocity soap not within the scope of the set.

(4) test and determine the mud scraper or sucking mud scraper scrape, suction function and cut f steam function is normal. Can watch scum on the surface of the tank in time, observing mud quantity changes within a certain range of blowing and suction effect.

(5), respectively, effluent ss, validation of tank under the design water load effect meets the design requirements, such as the recycling of the second pond sludge concentration and the pond, mud at the beginning of the concentration is in a reasonable range.

(6) test related to sedimentation tank control system whether normal linkage. The same pond, automatic stop function and the second pond according to mud potentiometer measured mud automatic discharge of surplus sludge or scum function, etc.