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Water treatment industry has developed rapidly achievement polyaluminium chloride manufacturers market economy status

Since the date of establishment of polyaluminium chloride manufacturer is committed to promoting the development of China water art. During this time, we set the concept of water art done a lot of training, publicity and promotion, and will always stick to it. New China water art network is China's leading art industry vertical e-commerce service provider, is committed to the whole water art industry to build their own exclusive marketing platform, for the Chinese water arts counterparts to provide the best art processing technology solutions, engineering case study, the academic and practical skills; At the same time for art design unit, construction of water, equipment manufacturers to provide technical exchange and communication platform; For enterprise customers to provide professional, accurate, effective and personalized integrated marketing promotion plan, promote the sustainable development of water art industry in China.

Polyaluminium chloride in the past 30 years has developed rapidly, at present, the world has about 1.5 million t/a, we calculated with alumina 10% liquid product, which Japan has about 500000 t/a, China about 400000 t/a, the other for the developed countries.

At present, the domestic polyaluminium chloride technology is close to or reached the international advanced level, has the resources and technical advantages, overall polyaluminium chloride enterprises in our country, the scale is small and medium-sized more, at present, the manufacturer has more than 300, production has more than 400000, throughout the various provinces and cities nationwide, factory production of the largest liquid annual output has reached more than 20000 tons, the largest manufacturer of solid polyaluminium chloride sales reached more than 5000 tons, its applications in addition to water purification, industrial water treatment, waste water, waste and sludge treatment, also used in casting, medicine, catalyst, cosmetics, paper and leather, etc. The water treatment industry, China's domestic water and production water use way of sulfuric acid water purifier is mainly the high cost, labor intensity headlamps shortcomings, along with the development of economy in our country, the capacity of water increasing, thus the shortcomings of original water purifier has become increasingly prominent, urgent need to develop polyaluminium chloride water purifier.