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Alkali-free accelerator

Alkali-free accelerator

Alkali-free accelerator

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key word:Alkali-free accelerator

Launch time:2020-10-09 10:26:29


1. Product introduction:

The alkali-free accelerator is a new type of environmentally friendly, alkali-free, chlorine-free high-performance accelerator developed by our company. It has a strong function of accelerating cement curing, and can also greatly improve the function of early and late cement strength. Impermeability.

2. Main technical characteristics:

①It does not contain chloride ions, does not contain alkali metal K+, Na+ ions, does not corrode steel bars, does not pollute the environment and harm the body of the operators.

②Incorporating this product into sprayed cement slurry, cement mortar, and concrete can accelerate the setting and hardening speed of cement, improve the early strength, and the later strength has little influence or even no reduction.

③The addition of this product can greatly improve the cohesiveness and bonding strength of concrete and mortar, and the rebound rate can be reduced by more than 80%, which effectively reduces the material loss caused by rebound and improves economic benefits. Due to the rebound rate Significantly reduced, the alkaline cement dust in the air that pollutes and harms the human body is greatly reduced, which protects the environment and speeds up the construction progress.

④It has the effect of micro-expansion, shrinkage and crack resistance, greatly improves the impermeability and waterproof performance, and has anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion function, which is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary quick-setting agents.

Three, technical indicators

Density: 1.25~1.35g/ml

PH value: ≥2.0

Solid content: 40~50%

Chloride ion content: ≤0.1%

Alkali content (calculated by equivalent Na2O content): ≤1.0%

The initial setting time of the pure slurry ≤5min, the final setting time ≤12min

1d compressive strength≥7.0Mpa

28d compressive strength ratio ≥85%

Note: According to the standard GB/T 35159-2017


4. Scope of application:

①Suitable for the preparation of sprayed high-performance concrete and mortar, and rapid-setting and early-strength concrete for water stop and leakage;

②Concrete and mortar for the primary lining of tunnels such as railways, highways, and hydraulic diversion tunnels, as well as thin-walled concrete (mortar) reinforcement, repair, foundation pit wall protection, refractory engineering, underground engineering of metallurgy, coal mines, military industry, and civil air defense. Protection engineering

③It is especially recommended for projects with high water seepage rate;


5. Use methods and indicators:

①The recommended dosage is 6-9% (calculated based on the amount of cement). The actual dosage is determined according to the type and performance of cement, temperature, water-cement ratio, strength grade, setting time, construction technology, and engineering type tests.

② The freshness of cement has a great response to the setting time. It is best to use newly-produced cement for sprayed concrete. Cement that is damp or has a long storage time is less effective.

③Operators should wear protective equipment; if they are used, clean the tools immediately; if they touch the skin, they should be rinsed with clean water immediately.

6. Packaging and storage:

Packaging specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. It should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place indoors.

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