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New high-efficiency phosphorus removal agent

New high-efficiency phosphorus removal agent

New high-efficiency phosphorus removal agent

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key word:New high-efficiency phosphorus removal agent

Launch time:2020-08-27 15:46:35


1. Product introduction

The new type of phosphorus removal agent (DSA-1) independently developed by our company is a chemical inorganic composite salt, which is specially developed for phosphating, electroplating, organophosphate fertilizers, organophosphate pesticides and other high-concentration phosphorus-containing wastewater, which solves the conventional phosphorus removal The problem of large dosage of agent and incomplete phosphorus removal, while adjusting the PH value of wastewater, improving the coagulation effect, and reducing treatment costs.


2. Product advantages

It has a wide range of applications, and can also treat other forms of phosphorus-containing wastewater such as phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, and organophosphorus pesticides to reach the standard;

The operation is simple, the processing cost is low, and the effluent is clear and transparent;

Wide applicable PH range;

It has multiple functions such as phosphorus removal, COD reduction, and PH adjustment;

3. the scope of use

1. Used for phosphorus removal in domestic sewage treatment plants, especially suitable for sewage treatment in the middle phosphorus section;

2. Suitable for other forms of phosphorus-containing industrial wastewater such as phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, and organophosphorus pesticides;

3. Used for food processing, slaughter and other wastewater;

4. Used for wastewater treatment of organophosphorus pesticides and fertilizer plants.

4. use method

① Take 1 L of wastewater sample to detect the content of phosphate;

② Calculate the dosage of the new type of high-efficiency solid phosphorus removal agent DSA-1 according to the phosphate content: phosphorus removal agent = 1mg/L: 0.04g, and add the agent to the raw water after dissolving it;

③ Stir and react for 10 minutes;

④ Adjust the pH value appropriately; if the pH value is greater than 6, there is no need to adjust the pH.

⑤ Add a certain amount of PAM to flocculate and settle;

⑥ Detect the content of phosphate in the supernatant;

⑦ Determine the dosage according to the small test situation;

2. The liquid phosphorus removal agent can be directly pumped and added, or it can be diluted to 10-50%; the solid phosphorus removal agent is first added to tap water to dissolve and prepare a solution with a concentration of about 10-30% (mass ratio) (when dispensing Add water first, then add the medicine, while stirring continuously), and then use the pump to add to the reaction tank.

3. Combined with calcium salt treatment, the effect is better, and the dosage of high-efficiency phosphorus removal agent should be adjusted appropriately according to the site conditions and small-scale test plan.

4. Conditions of use: applicable wastewater pH range is 4-11

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