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New sludge dewatering agent

New sludge dewatering agent

New sludge dewatering agent

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key word:New sludge dewatering agent

Launch time:2020-08-27 15:45:10


One. Product introduction

The sludge dewatering agent (ISDA-1) independently developed by our company is a water purification agent composed of inorganic iron-based flocculants and aluminum-based flocculants. At the same time, filter aids are introduced to improve the filtration efficiency of filtrate and reduce the resistance of filter media. Speed up the solid-liquid separation. This product is specially developed for the high concentration and high turbidity mud water produced in the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial sewage. It solves the traditional iron-based flocculant inversion, large dosage of aluminum-based flocculant, and organic polymer flocculant. The problem of large moisture content after desliming, and the introduction of filter aids improves the filtration efficiency, and the moisture content of the mud cake filtered by the plate and frame can be controlled below 75%.

Two. Product advantages

The operation is simple, the effluent is clear and transparent, and there is no iron ion hue shift;

It is suitable for the desilting of the plate and frame filter press, the pH range of the mud water is wide, and the mud cake does not stick to the filter cloth;

It can realize the rapid separation of mud and water; the moisture content of mud cake can be controlled below 75%;


Three, the scope of use

This product is used for high-concentration and high-turbidity mud water produced in the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial sewage.


Four, use method

① Take a 1 L muddy water sample and dilute it with water 100-500 times according to the volume ratio to detect the sludge concentration in the water sample;

② Calculate the dosage of solid sludge dewatering agent ISDA-1 according to the detected turbidity: sludge dewatering agent = 1mg/L: 3mg, dissolve the agent and add it to the raw mud water;

③ Stir and react for 10 minutes;

④ Press filter/suction filter mud-water mixture;

⑤ Detect all indicators of the supernatant (turbidity, TP, COD, chroma);

⑥ Dry filter cake to detect moisture content;

⑦ Determine the dosage according to the small test situation;

2. The solid sludge dewatering agent is first added with water and dissolved into a solution (mass ratio) with a concentration of about 10-30% (when dispensing, first add water and then add the agent, while constantly stirring), and then use the pump to add to the reaction tank.

3. Plate and frame filter press should be used for filter press device.

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