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New high-efficiency fluoride removal agent

New high-efficiency fluoride removal agent

New high-efficiency fluoride removal agent

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key word:New high-efficiency fluoride removal agent

Launch time:2020-08-27 15:38:39


1. Product introduction

The new high-efficiency defluorinating agents GMS-F1 and GMF-F2 independently developed by our company are divided into solid and liquid, and are added and used in a certain proportion according to the fluorine content in the wastewater. High-efficiency fluoride removal agent GMS series shows excellent fluoride removal effect. The fluoride ion concentration in the effluent can be lower than 1mg/L, and the fluorine removal effect is significant. It is specially used for the removal of fluoride in industrial sewage.


2. Product advantages

More efficient: This product can realize that the F ion concentration of the effluent can be lower than 1.0mg/L, has high fluorine removal strength, has multiple effects such as fluoride removal, coagulation, and pH adjustment, and accelerates precipitation;

More environmentally friendly: the medicament has high purity, less impurities, low sludge volume, does not increase water COD, TN, TP and other pollutants, does not contain free aluminum ions, and the sludge pressure filtration water has no effect on biochemistry, non-toxic, tasteless, and treatment After the effluent is clear;

More convenient: no need to change the original treatment process, no need to add large water treatment structures, dosing can be effective, no complicated debugging, simple operation, economical and practical;

More economical: The treatment efficiency of the medicament is higher than other products on the market, it has a coagulation-aiding effect, the amount of the product is small, and the total cost of the medicament is low;

The scope of application is wider: it can treat different concentrations and difficult fluorine-containing wastewater, with good effect and high safety.

3. the scope of use

This product can effectively remove fluoride ions in wastewater. It is widely used in industry: high-concentration fluoride is contained in waste water discharged from metal-containing smelting, aluminum processing, glass, electronics, electroplating, pesticides and other industries.

4. use method

① Take 1 L of raw water to detect fluoride content;

② Calculate the dosage of the new high-efficiency fluoride removal agent GMS-F1 according to the fluorine content: fluoride removal agent=1mg/L:0.05g, dissolve the agent and add it to the raw water;

③ Stir and react for 10 minutes;

④ Proper pH value;

⑤ Add a certain amount of PAM until the muddy water separates obviously and settles;

⑥ Detect the fluorine content in the supernatant;

⑦ Determine the dosage according to the small test situation;

2. The liquid defluoride agent is directly pumped and added. The solid is first added to the dissolving tank to prepare a solution with a concentration of about 10-30% (mass ratio) (when dispensing, first add water and then add the agent, while constantly stirring), and then use the pump Add to the reaction tank.

3. Combined with calcium salt treatment, the effect is better, and the dosage of high-efficiency fluoride removal agent should be adjusted appropriately according to the site conditions and the small-scale test plan.

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