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Pure water equipment professional manufacturers of water treatment equipment is analysed

In today's global economy rapid development, the environment pollution and destruction of human survival and development has posed a threat, especially in water pollution is serious, and the tide is more and more serious. Water is the source of life, is closely related to human survival and development, for human health, and the concept of water purification. Here and listen to the pure water equipment professional manufacturers about the development history of water treatment equipment for you!

Water treatment method is the most primitive, by using the method of precipitation is turbid water becomes clear, but it can only remove the water and sediment etc. To the naked eye can see big particles, helpless, and harmful to the invisible bacteria, in turn, people use disinfectants to kill harmful bacteria, but at the same time accompanied by killing harmful bacteria into the risk of carcinogenic organic matter, in order to fit for family daily life needs, and produced water processor.

The composition of water:

Water is mainly composed of calcium (Ca2 +), magnesium (magnesium 2 +) ions. When the hardness of raw water by exchange resin layer, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water by resin absorption, at the same time release sodium ions, this switch is to remove the flow of water in the softening of water hardness ions, when the resin absorption of calcium and magnesium ions after reaching a certain degree of saturation, increase the hardness of water, the water softener will be carried out in accordance with the scheduled program automatic failure of the resin regeneration work, with a high concentration of sodium chloride solution (brine) through resin, to restore failure of the resin to sodium to resin.

A new generation of water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment and sterilizing water treatment equipment

The first water processor is household activated carbon water purification equipment, its role is largely by activated carbon adsorption of pollutants in water, but it is used long will fail, and the period of validity is very short. Then ultrafiltration membrane water treatment equipment arises at the historic moment, it can remove large molecules and molecular mass, but cannot remove small molecule bacteria and metal ions, also can't fully clear water impurities, with the development of the society, water treatment are also constantly upgrading, so the third generation of water processor mineral water treatment equipment, mineral water treatment equipment is in the water and minerals, this method makes the body to obtain corresponding minerals, but high concentrations of minerals is not good, and minerals are not for the human body needs, secondly, he is not able to remove pollutants.

Now there was a new generation of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment and sterilizing water treatment equipment, among them, the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is to put all the impurities in water, no matter good or bad all removed, it has the advantage that can retain part of dissolved oxygen, using imported film, good quality. This is the development history of water treatment equipment, hope to help you!