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Pilot rural sewage treatment

To do a good job in the pilot live built bureau is mainly from the following three aspects to carry out their work.

One is to strengthen leadership, clear responsibilities. Wastewater treatment professional is stronger, the rural sewage treatment and residents to disperse, sewage collection difficulty, lack of equipment operating load and rural residents and inadequate understanding of sewage treatment, facing huge difficulties rural sewage treatment. Therefore, live built bureau quickly set up headquarters area rural sewage treatment pilot work, by a problem area live built bureau command the district finance bureau, the environmental protection bureau, agriculture commission deputy director, streets, administrative villages for members, unified organization, coordination and solution of the contradictions and problems involved in the pilot work. Clear zone live built bureau is responsible for spearheading, ready to cooperate with all departments and streets, administrative villages is responsible for the specific implementation.

Second, planning guide, scientific planning. To strengthen the planning guide, area live built bureau hire soubo design institute, research situation of pilot village sewage treatment, and to measure the workload, the whole village sewage treatment planning design, according to the principle of unified planning and step-by-step implementation, to ensure long-term regulation scheme scientific and reasonable, curing effect. At the same time, through the organization to visit gaochun, tonglu, zhejiang village sewage treatment, learn advanced experience for reference.

Three are three linkage, vigorously promotes the advance. Area live built bureau leadership attaches great importance to promote the pilot project, several on-the-spot guidance to the site, supervise the project forward; Related departments, the streets, administrative villages docking actively coordinated control problem, full communication management department, design institute, construction unit, ensure the smooth implementation of the project according to the plan.