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Oil field water treatment with aluminum sulfate

"English name" aluminium sulphate

【 molcular formula 】 A12 (S04) March 18 h20

【 physicochemical properties 】 colorless monoclinic crystal, relative density of 1.69. In the decomposition of 86.5 ℃. Soluble in water, acid and alkali, insoluble in alcohol. Acidic aqueous solution. Rough aluminium sulfate as gray fine crystal structure of porous material, contain traces of sulfuric acid, has the sour and astringent taste, soluble in water, hydrolysis generated Al (OH) 3.

[were] with aluminium vanadium and soil water soluble substances or aluminum hydroxide to react with sulfuric acid.


HG non-toxic toxicity and protective 】 【 2227-91.Woven bag lined with plastic sheets, packaging and storage 】 【 coat or coated woven bag packing. Each bag net weight 50 kg. Solution with FRP tank or plastic packaging. Store in a cool and dry place. Prevent, deterioration of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Not with toxic substances or alkaline items during storage.

[usage] (1) as oil field surface water treatment flocculant, can remove the suspended solid in the water, for life or production. The product has the advantage of cheap, usually used with polyacrylamide. Aluminum sulfate dosing quantity of 20 ~ 50 mg/L, PAM dosing quantity is 2 ~ 5 mg/L.

(2) used for oilfield oily wastewater treatment. When the sewage is neutral or alkaline, to remove suspended solids in water or oil has certain effects; But when the pH is low, the treatment effect is bad, often need to adding the lime milk to adjust pH value. Aluminum sulfate dosage generally 50 ~ lOOmg/L.